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Gregorydunn.ca was created to serve as the personal website for Greg Dunn—it is the site where Greg shares his opinions and insights about the law, popular cases in the media and other newsworthy events relevant to Albertans.
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At times, Greg is called upon to public speak, advise or offer commentary about the law, criminal cases in the media, Calgary’s legal scene or civil rights. On gregorydunn.ca, you’ll find video or audio clips of all of his latest appearances.
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Photo Gallery

Greg is a man of many interests. The photo gallery on gregorydunn.ca documents Greg’s numerous adventures at home and abroad. Whether he’s riding in the high alpine of the Canadian Rockies, or jumping from an airplane in the Kalahari, you can keep track of Greg’s latest pursuits in the photo gallery.

About Greg Dunn

Greg Dunn is a born and raised Albertan with traditional values and a love of the land. His family has deep roots in this province and in this country; his great, great, great grandfather homesteaded in Canada over 200 years ago. The vast open spaces and beautiful vistas of Alberta bred in him a deep appreciation of the freedom we enjoy. As a criminal defence lawyer, that appreciation continues to run deep and spurs Greg to take action every day as he defends the civil liberties of Albertans.

Greg is a big believer in taking responsibility for one’s own actions. At the same time, he sees the criminal justice system as an important check on state power. By virtue of overseeing, challenging and at times even attacking the conduct and respective roles of police, government, and bureaucracy, the criminal justice system and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows defence lawyers to protect the rights of individuals when their liberty has been threatened.

The balance between the freedom of citizens and the power of the state is a delicate one. When there’s an imbalance in power that threatens the fundamental liberties of citizens, that’s where defence lawyers come in. A great lawyer will help protect you against the fist of the state.

About Dunn and Associates

Since 1972 Dunn & Associates and its predecessor criminal defence firms have been defending the freedom of Canadians. We have built our reputation on it. Today, carrying on the legacy, the criminal defense lawyers at Dunn & Associates continue to serve and defend people accused of committing criminal offences. Whether it was a momentary lapse of judgment or being falsely accused of something you didn’t do, your freedom hangs in the balance and so does our reputation.

Visit dunnandassociates.ca to find out more.

Faces of Greg

The Criminal Defence Lawyer

"A great lawyer will help protect you against the fist of the state."

Greg Dunn has been practicing law since 1998. The law is more than just a job for him. As the managing and founding partner of Dunn & Associates, Criminal Defence Lawyers, he leads a team of dedicated professionals as they defend Albertans accused of criminal offenses. Greg is passionate about the law and brings a vast array of criminal law experience to the counsel table, above and beyond a comprehensive understanding of case law. Since the inception of the Dunn & Associates practice, Greg’s been called upon to conduct trials in Alberta’s highest courts and has acted as counsel or co-counsel on numerous high-profile cases.

Greg’s “street smarts” differentiate him from many others in the field; critical thinking, logic and an open mind lead him to pursue creative defences instrumental to protecting his clients. Throughout Greg’s years as a criminal barrister, he’s earned a reputation for his courtroom decorum, his relentless and innovative approach to defence work, and his proven ability to locate and expose weakness in prosecutions that have otherwise been viewed as “airtight” crown cases.


Bachelor of Arts, University of Alberta
Law Degree, University of Alberta


Fraser Milner Casgrain
Bascom & Fagan
Dunn & Associates

The Cowboy

"Being around horses… ranching… these are the things that connect me to where I came from."

Since he was a boy, Greg’s been interested in horses and the rodeo lifestyle. Descending from a long line of ranchers and farmers—his great, great, great grandfather homesteaded in Markham, Ontario in the late 1700s and his family has farming and ranching roots in Alberta that date back over a 100 years—he’s always had a deep connection to the land. In the summer and the fall, backcountry pack trips through the Rockies on his horses, Chester and Badger, are a deeply rewarding pastime.

Greg is also no stranger to the rodeo circuit having competed in both bull riding and cutting horse events. Through his mid 20s to early 30s, he rode bulls and participated in Professional Bull Riding (PBR) events, the CPA rodeo, Chinook rodeo, and was part of the Foothills Rodeo association. He continues to ride in the Calgary Police Rodeo Association every August.

In his mid 30s, Greg switched rodeo disciplines and started to show cutting horses. This Western equine event judges a horse and rider on their ability to separate a single cow away from a herd and keep it away for a short period of time. It originates from the practice of using cutting horses to separate cattle at round up time. Greg has been a finalist in Fort Worth’s Super Stakes Classic, a semifinalist at the Fort Worth Futurity, a finalist at the Calgary Stampede Cutting Classic, and was the reserve champion in the 7 Up class at the Calgary Stampede’s Cutting Horse Futurity.

"Working with horses is as much mental as it is physical. You can’t force a horse. You have to coax, negotiate, persuade…do whatever it takes to make him believe YOUR idea is actually HIS idea. Sometimes practicing law is not a whole lot different. I am always on the look out for innovative solutions—whether it’s outthinking my horse or the prosecution."

"My job is to make sure that the police are doing their job and not kicking in your door as they do it."

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To ask a more senior court or person to review a decision of a subordinate court or person.

Deportation and Extradition

Deportation and Extradition

Extradition involves the surrender of a person by a state such as Canada, to another state or an international organization resulting in the trial of that person to be conducted by the received state or organization.

Kidnapping and Unlawful Confinement

Kidnapping and Unlawful Confinement

Kidnapping is defined as unlawfully seizing and taking a person away by force or fraud against his or her will. Unlawful confinement refers to trapping or detaining an individual against his or her will, often with the intent to carry that person away at a later time.

Murder and Manslaughter

Murder and Manslaughter

These charges apply to individuals who have intentionally or unintentionally ended human life. Manslaughter, while similar to murder is considered less culpable. Both offences can result in a life sentence.

Robbery and B&E

Robbery and B&E

Break and Enter: When an individual enters another person's premises, such as a home without authorization or permission with the intent of committing a crime (theft or other). Robbery: Applies when an individual takes property from another individual against his will, by means of force or fear.



Assault: When one individual harms another individual by direct or indirect force, or threatens/gestures with an intent to harm another individual. Sexual Assault: Can range from simple unwanted sexual touching to forced sexual intercourse. More serious sexual assault offences can result in significant jail sentences.



Fraud describes transactions between parties where one party intentionally misrepresents the truth and induces another party to give up a legal right or surrender something of value. Selling fake insurance policies would be an example of fraud. Fraud charges, depending on the amount of the fraud, can be very serious and can result in major fines and significant jail time.

Proceeds of Crime

Proceeds of Crime

Money laundering is changing of illegally obtained money from criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, into money which appears to have originated from a legitimate source. Proceeds of crime involves having in your possession money which originated from an illegal activity.

Drug Offences

Drug Offences

Drug Possession: Drug possession applies to individuals who willfully possess illegal controlled substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, heroin or any other such drugs. Drug Trafficking: Drug Trafficking involves selling drugs. Even if one does not receive money in exchange, simply transferring drugs to another individual can be regarded as trafficking. Simply planning to sell or transfer drugs, even if the drugs have not actually been sold or transferred can attract criminal jeopardy under a conspiracy charge.

Driving Offences

Driving Offences

Impaired Driving: You can be charged with impaired driving while operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You do not have to be operating a moving vehicle to be charged, sitting behind the wheel while under the influence is enough to warrant a impaired charge. Loss of license, fines or jail time are common outcomes. Dangerous Driving or Dangerous Driving Causing Harm: This charge falls on individuals who operate vehicles in an unsafe manner. Penalties are based on the amount of threat a dangerous driver poses to the public. If you harm another individual while driving, your charge will be that off Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm with penalties that result in lengthy jail time.

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Man who killed would-be mail thief gets five years in Calgary court

Calgary Sun

Fatally stabbing a would-be mail thief who was trying to jimmy his postal box with a knife has landed a Calgary man a five-year prison term.

Justice Suzanne Bensler Monday agreed with defence lawyers Greg Dunn and Tyson Dahlem that a sentence less than the six- to eight-year punishment sought by the Crown was justified.

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Shortage of crown prosecutors

Doug Dirks, host of The Homestretch, talks to Greg Dunn, a criminal defense lawyer in Calgary, about delays in prosecution.

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Top 40 Under 40 2009

Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer Greg Dunn awarded Avenue magazine’s Top 40 under 40.

Read the full story here: http://www.avenuecalgary.com/City-Life/Top-40-Under-40/Greg-Dunn/

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Remembering Freedom: The Doctrine and the Myth of Officer Safety

As a bit of a military enthusiast I religiously attend or watch the annual Remembrance Day celebrations to honor the service men and women who were instrumental keeping this country free. This November 11th, my wife and I were watching the national ceremony in Ottawa on television.

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Welcome to gregorydunn.ca

Welcome to gregorydunn.ca, my personal website. The site was created to act as the central repository for my opinions and insights about the law, popular cases in the media and other newsworthy events relevant to Albertans.
Created by Calgary’s Blunt Strategic the site is

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